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What's Happening With the MOB?

The next MOB General Membership Meeting is on
Wednesday November 9th, 2016 at 6PM-Dinner, 7PM-Meeting
Memaw's BBQ Restaurant
4916 Babcock Street NE
Palm Bay, FL (321) 409-9670

Please check the
MOB Members Gallery,
if a photo of your MOPAR is not there
please send me a photo so I can add it to the Gallery:
James @

MOPARs of Brevard Membership Application

The MOB is a member of the FMA (Florida MOPAR Association)


                                                           MOPARS of Brevard, Inc.


                                 President- Ray Moyer- (321) 951-0301

  Vice President- James Auchter- (321) 684-0394

                                Secretary- Jon Warner- (321) 635-8581 

 Treasurer- Sharon Bukowski- (321) 723-8249

         Newsletter Editors- Bob & Penny Anderson- (321) 727-1039

 Membership Director- Rachael Moyer- (321)266-5026

         Webmaster- James Durfee- (321) 213-5138

                                                                                        BOD Members:

                               Board of Directors - Pete Stasio: (321) 480-9265 
                                                         Wayne Wolke: (859) 743-4595
                                                         Lenny Donofrio: (908) 265-1104



MOPARS of Brevard, Inc. approved Constitution and By-Laws (04-14-2011)

The MOB is a car club dedicated to owning, preserving, enjoying and appreciating all Chrysler Corporation vehicles.  Our activities include car shows, cruises, picnics, parades, dances, retirement home viisits, and other charitable events.  We hold a monthly meeting, a monthly charity cruise-in and an annual Mopar Super Swap meet each January.  We proudly drive and display our Mopars, both old and new.

   The club was started in 1996 by a small group of Mopar fanatics.  We now have about 90 members.  The club is a great way to meet Mopar people, have fun, exchange information and parts, swap stories, and enjoy the Mopar hobby.  Members mostly reside in Florida's Space Coast (Brevard County) including Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Merritt Island, Titusville , etc.  Others reside in Vero Beach to the South and as far away as Tennessee and Pennsylvania.


Brevard County is on Florida's Atlantic Ocean East Coast.  It runs 72 miles from South of Daytona Beach to North of Vero Beach, and is about 40 miles East of Orlando.  It has a population of about 3/4 million folks.  The average 70 º temperature is perfect for enjoying the car hobby - regular or special production, collector, special interest, old and new, but mainly Mopar at heart.

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